Husband cousins

Veronica β€’ George Alek Jr 4/08/17πŸ’™ Layla Jae 8/16/2018πŸ’œ

so I had already met them in person twice and so when he deployed I invited them to my babyshower when I was pregnant with our first. None of them show up,only his mom. Well we just move from Tennessee back to our homestate of Texas where everyone at. my husband is now out of the army. our son 1 year old party is this Saturday and he just found out that his cousins aren't coming to the party. one of them message me saying she can't make it but she'll send something and that her sister that has 3 boys can't make it because the car is messing husband is so mad saying how he was always going to their events when he was here and how the cousin that message me can't even give him a legitimate reason. his mentaltiy is im out of the army and I wanted them to go to jrs party so we could all see each other . he saying to never invite them to stuff again. I'm mad because we already calculated them when it comes down to food and candy boxes for the kids and they wait till two days before the party to tell us they can't make itπŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ