im at a loss..

my 7 week old has been throwing up after feedings every once in awhile pretty much since he was born.. he's also had A LOT of gas since he was born... a few weeks ago, he went days keeping me up for 5-6 hours at night screaming bc of how painful his gas was on his tummy.. so his pediatrician gave us some samples of sensitive formula, and it seems to have really helped with the gas pains he was having, but made his reflux soooo much worse.. he projectile vomits at least once a day, there was little chunks in it just now, spit ups after every feeding quite a bit, coughs and gags so bad at pretty much every single feeding to the point where it scares me thinking he's gonna stop breathing, and just cries and arches his back at feedings as well. his pediatrician said she's not worried about his reflux unless it causes him to lose weight, but she doesn't understand how hard it is watching your child choke, gag, and projectile vomit during or after a feeding 😞😞