Is my stash big enough for a newborn?

Cassity • Laila 05/15/17, Xander 4/10/18, and Grace 11/06/2019

I currently have 6 Alva newborn pockets, about 20 or so Gerber prefolds (although I heard they suck but they were a gift so I want to try them), a few receiving blankets, 3 one size Alva covers, and six sunbaby pockets. I'm not sure if the sunbaby ones are size ones or one size. I also have 12 newborn microfiber inserts and plan to get a few packs of flour sack towels from walmart. Do you think that will be enough for a newborn? Also curious if size ones will fit a newborn. I know that one size is typically too big but are size ones? I really don't want to invest in a ton of newborn diapers and then have to go out and buy a whole new stash in just a few months.