I swear to the high heavens I must be broken and/or the Nickelodeon slime machine is stuffed up my cervix some where. been having blood in it and large pieces, membranes swept twice, 40w 2d and NO BABY IN SIGHT. am I even pregnant?!

3cm dilated but cervix is still a little hard. trying nipple stimulation, evening primrose oil, sec, orgasm, walking. this is even my 2nd baby and my son was overdue as well, had to be induced. really wanted to avoid induction this time around but I dont think I can handle it much longer. just saw my midwife two days ago and dont have another appointment until Monday but I'm seriously about to call and be like "induce me, please" cause I'm so big and in so much pain, I can't sleep which doesn't help with taking care of my toddler all day, been stuck to the toilet peeing, my back feels like it's about to snap like Bella's off twilight when she was knocked up. I have no where else to vent, so sorry. what do you guys think? I really wanted to go into spontaneous labor like everyone else but my goodness. I dont think I can do it. Haha