Paying a babysitter that’s traveling with you.. NEED HELP!


Hey ladies,

We have never traveled with a sitter before so I’m not sure the correct way to pay. We normally pay her $15/hr. We have two kids 7 and 3. We have paid for all travel expenses including her own hotel room, which the kids will NOT be sleeping in there with her. She’s asking for a lot of money and I don’t think it’s reasonable, again, I’ve never done this before so maybe I’m wrong. Out of the 4 days we are gone we will need her to be alone with them a total of 14 hours(half work trip). She’s asking for 1k!! I think that’s absolutely nuts. Even at her hourly rate she would need to watch them 16+ hours a day to make that much. She threw that amount on me last minute and now I feel stuck. I was going to pay her 150/day plus her food which I think is fair. Advice???