I just want to give every woman hope,I am back and overjoyed to say I am free of Thyroid Cancer and even though I have no thyroid,due to my awesome endocrinolist making sure my levels and Eltroxin plus tertroxin medication is correct she also checked my vitamin D and B12,I have a defiency but on medication for this as well. it's 2 months since I am cancer free and now found out I'm 🤰 I'm estatic and was not expecting this.

I also want to add that I have no symptoms just a missed period had white cm and was sneezing alot my endo also mentioned woman with unexplained infertility should check out vitamin B12 as it plays a major role in conceiving.

I wish you all of the best and thank you for your support here is my BFP pic

Ps sorry if this is the wrong room and if my spelling Grammer is out of wacky I'm just too excited. Here's to keeping the positivity.