I just need to rant . Because I have no one to talk to

I’m so sick of the disrespect I get from my SO.

I don’t give a fuck if your my husband, idgaf if your the father of my my two kids , that doesn’t give you the right to disrespect me.

I have never net such a irresponsible person in my life.

First you threaten to slap me.

Then I ask you to take me to the doctor so I can get both my kids vaccinated and you tell me go in a cab? You have a day off. Your laying here watching tv. WE HAVE A FUCKING CAR. Why do I need to go in a cab?

Then you wanna come and say you feel like spitting in my face and that I’m your servant because I’m simply stating facts?

I get that you don’t give a shit about me but wtf is your kids fault ?

You don’t talk them out like normal dads would on their days off . You just tell me ... if you wanna go take hem if a cab.

Are you serious!

Then wtf are you here for? For me to serve you? Gtfo of here .

If I wanted to do everything by myself , I’d be a single fucking mother .

I’m not even hurt , I’m just so pissed .