Husband traveled for work with this woman for 4months

So ladies my man has this friend called chris,

Chris’s dad is a millionaire who needed someone to accept traveling to senegal to work for him on a long term.

This job consists in building a factory to produce cashews .

My man is african, and saw it ad a great opportunity to start a business over there, plus its well payed and all his needs are covered 100%

I aggreed , because i want my man to be happy of course. For his first travel, (this march til july) he was supposed to do it with chris’s sister, because she already went to senegal for their dad to start the project. I agreed on that too even though i hated the idea of them living together for 4months.

I sucked it up and just told myself it fine, its gonna be fine. BUT LADIES. Since he got there he doesnt talk to me, just like 2words every 3days

At first i thought he didnt have internet but when i asked him he tells me he doest want her to feel uncomfortable while he speaks to me

He brings her to bard and only go back home at 7am, brings her to concerts, cooks for her, shares cigarettes with her, watch movies together and god knows what.

Wtf? I spoke to him about it, told him i didnt like that cause its not part of his job. He goes «  oh but shes my employers daughter and i have to give her good impression »

So you choose not to speak to me because you dont want to make her uncomfortable? He said yes. I dont know what to do i just feel so hurt rn am i overeacting or..? Please give me advices on how to deal with this.