TTC #1 Advice please? 💕

Jakara • 22 | Expecting baby 1 👶🏻 | Engaged 💍 💕

I got my Mirena IUD removed early Feb,

I’ve had 3 cycles, all been irregular. 😪

I’m currently on my 4th cycle.

I actively TTC in March, but I got a UTI and food poisoning. Therefore, I was unwell in general and I think that may have really stuffed up my chances.

I was 3 days late.. So my urine & blood test were negative, followed by AF. That’s fine, we’ll try again. Staying positive!

I’m now taking folic acid as my Dr said to start taking this for preconception.

I haven’t done OPK tests last month, but should I since my periods are irregular? I was just going off by Glow’s calendar and trusting that.

Any ideas for what I should do to increase chances? I’m really new to this but want to do what’s best! Thanks if anyone could give advice. Xo