Who did your lap? Gyneocologist or specialist?


Hi all!

I went today for yet another visit to my gynecologist due to severe pain from my period. We have been tracking it for about 2 years now and we have both been thinking it is Endometriosis, but have pushed off surgery until today. The pain keeps getting worse and its not going away, so we both came to the conclusion today that I need to have surgery to both diagnose and treat it. While we were talking about it, I asked her if I need to go into the city (Boston) for this surgery. We live about 2 hours in a suburban community. She immediately replied and told me she does these surgeries and can schedule me in within the next 3 weeks. At first, I didn’t think anything of it, but now I am wondering if I should be going somewhere in the city that specializes in Endometriosis. There are a few specialty centers connected to some of the major Boston hospitals that only focus on Endo and infertility.

My question is...who did you have your first surgery with? Should I be looking into a more specialized program like that, or going with my local gynecologist? I know it’s minimally invasive, but not something that a small gynecologists office deals with very frequently.