Feeling Blue😭😭😭


So my younger sister gets me mad I'm the oldest of 4 kids I'm 26 years old my sister Bee is 24 my my Brother Drew is 22 and my younger sister tina is 19.

my parents divorced when I was 18 after that things just went down hill for me and my siblings. My dad has money so my 2 sisters went with him and my mom didn't have much but me and my brother didn't want to choose a side so we just kinda are in the middle except are closer to my mom then my dad. I was 18 when I came out pregnant with my first son and things kinda didn't go exactly the way I wanted. I was all alone just me and my bf I didn't have support from my family and they kinda disowned me just for being pregnant. I ended up moving in with my grandparents since they were the only ones on our side and helped out alot. it always hurt me cause to my sister's I was always a( hoe with a baby) I was always told that and they were never told anything back. that pregnancy was hard for me because instead of having support and help my dad didn't talk to me and my mom acted like she cared at the time but didn't. so it was just me my son and bf he worked his butt off and put a roof over our head and gave us everything we never thought we would be able to have but we got it all cause of him.

when I was 21 I had my 2nd son again my family turned there backs on me and I wasn't good enough for my dad or sisters because I didn't have money I didn't drive nice cars and stuff so I was Hoe with a 2nd baby. shit like that always hurt me and I never say anything back because I want to be the bigger person. I'm actually satisfied with my life I didn't expect too come out pregnant young and be a young mom. I've been with my son's father for 10 years we have a home of our own I never asked for anything from my dad or sisters I Neve will., My sister tina pisses me off because she thinks because she got married at 17 and had a baby she did everything the right way and she gets praised all the time for it.. my dad still helps her out with money and her husband is in the military so it's ok for her to be a young mom and enjoy her pregnancies but I couldn't. it's hurts me cause my kids don't even know who my dad is he never comes around or gives my kids anything for there birthdays or holidays. And my sisters always through in my face that my dad helps them out alot and gives them anything they want. me and my brother has always been the black sheep of the when it comes to my dad even though we get pushed to the side we still have respect for him. now my sister has a 1 year old son and she is pregnant with her 2nd it's ok and everyone is excited for her. I'm sorry for venting it just hurts alot cause I never understood why my dad couldn't be happy for me and why I. always got shitted on for being pregnant. now I'm trying for baby #3 and I'm not worried about what they are gonna say but i just wish I had the same excitement she got from

them. 😭😭😭