Starting to see my relationship for what it is):

My partner and I aren’t happy together. I tell him when he leaves to go get drunk ‘I don’t wanna hear stories tomorrow’ to me waking up hearing he danced with this one and that one, then regards it like I’m talking shit, I tell him it’s alcohol or his fams and he comes home drunk then disregards it like it’s no big deal, I ask him to stop talking to a particular girl, he continues it by hiding it, disregarding my feelings once again. I tell him I’m unhappy, I tell him to leave, and I’m always being disregarded & him acting like it never happened. Now this is my home, I’ve got him where he is today after him coming to this county with nothing, meeting me and staying. I’m forever wondering why tf won’t he leave or why is he still here even though I’m obviously miserable & he is acting like he isn’t. I’m now believing his using me as he has a home, kids, life here and can still do as he pleases just knowing if he disregards it it’ll blow over. I’m sick to death of reminding this GUY how to stay in his lane as my man! How do I deal with this when breaking up n him leaving is the last thing he wants to acknowledge he needs to do.