Help 😩 (menstrual cup)


I bought a menstrual cup and i was so excited to try it, but today when i finally got to, im upset because ive been in pain all day. Ive dried different folds, and trimming down the stem, watching all kinds of videos and i just dont know what im doing wrong.

First of all, it HURTS when it pops open, it feels like its sucking my insides out. But then i feel like alot of air is going in (up there) so im cramping reallllyyy bad.

Second, im not exactly sure how far up its supposed to go. But if i pull out a mirror and im able to see the bottom of the cup, my body naturally pushes it out.

Third, im just now getting over a yeast infection so im not sure if thats the problem, but i had to trim the stem because it was hurting the outside part of my vagina.. and even with trimming the stem, it still hurts. 😔 and im afraid if i cut it any shorter i wont be able to get it out.

Idk what else to do 😭