He’s here!! What a story to tell


My son is finally here!! Not the way I wanted tho. I went in on Wednesday for a regular doctors appointment. They hooked me up on the monitors to check on my son. He want moving around so I had high blood pressure protein in my pee. So my doctor came in and said ur having him today. I’m like umm well I’ll have to get my husband here. So I’m panicking trying to get my husband here since I had our only car. I was wheeled into labor and delivery and I was calling my mom to come. I was told to wash up for surgery. I’m over here scared out of my mind. My son my perfect son was in trouble I had to get him out. They wheeled me to the or my husband still not here. I have a wonderful doctor who saw I was so scared. I had a spine blocker put in and I screamed in pain while the needle and things went in. Then when I saw my doctor again before the surgery he said ur husbands here I’m like ok I can breathe. So after 20 mins my son was born his cord was so tight around his neck it scared me. But he’s ok the doctor said. So my son Logan Edward Neumaier was born 4-4-18 1:21pm. I’m so blessed to have him here.