Is it right for your boyfriend to praise other girls but not you?


My boyfriend thinks this other girl is “adorable” and him and his friends talk about her constantly. I dress up for him every time we meet and I ask him if I look pretty and he just says “yeah”. He use to say I was cute but now it’s been about 4 months and he doesn’t say it much anymore. I go out of my way to try and never repeat clothing, and wear cute outfits that I know he likes but I don’t get any response.

One day he told me that she reminds him of me just less fashion like?? I just said oh, and skipped over it. But its really starting to bother me that he thinks she’s so cute but can’t even pay me a single compliment when I go all out for him.

I happen to have fairly low self esteem because I’m super skinny, and clothes are often what I find happiness in.

Small compliments really mean a lot to me.

I try to dress up pretty for my lack of thickness and obviously it isn’t working. I’ve never met or seen this girl but I’ve been told that she is thick adorable and I believe brown skin.

I’ve tried to confront him but he doesn’t understand and every time I try I begin to cry so I’ve resulted to keeping it from him.

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