Some opinions and insight?


Hello all! I hope it is ok for me to be here. I am ttc baby #2 and it has not been a year yet but Before baby #1 I was not having cycles and we tried for about 16 mos and used femara to try to help with ovulation. I did eventually get pregnant and have an 18 month old son. This time around I was excited as I was having cycles on my own. They are long- 38-40 days- but I felt it was promising to be having cycles and according to my opks I was ovulating on my own! The last two cycles I have had chemical pregnancies both times. While many people say that chemical pregnancies are not real pregnancy loss and shouldn’t really be worried about This is starting to make me feel worried that there is more going on and is a sign of bigger issues. I have an appt with the fertility doc but I just wanted to see if anyone else has had anything similar or has experiences to share.