gestational diabeties

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hi all. im from UK (if that makes any difference) and been diagnosed with gestational diabetes at 29 weeks with my 2nd baby. ive been told how to control it amd the importance of exercise and healthy easting etc. ive been given a home testing kit to which i need to test my blood sugar levels first thing in the morning then a hour after my 3 meals. ive been told it needs to be 7.8 or under, and my first dinner one is 8.0 (lunch was 7.6) i didnt have anything severly unhealthy, infact i was more unhealthy and lazy during my 1st pregnancy but didnt get gestational diabetes. my question is what should i do knowing my last test was 0.2 above what it should be? is it serious? should i just wait and speak to my midwife in the morning? any advice would be appreciated