How to get over him?

So me and my boyfriend of 2 years broke up the other day, he basically just said that he’s really stressed out at the moment and don’t know what he wants to do with his life and he needs to be able to figure things out on his own but he does love me

He got told that his mum is moving in with her boyfriend and within the year she’s going to sell the house and now he’s panicking about his future and what he’s going to do work wise and living wise

What’s hard is we work together so I see him all the time and it’s getting too much and we say hi to eachother at work and that’s literally it and I just hate it

This break up has broken me I love him so much but I’m trying to not think about it and focus on myself.

My friend and her boyfriend broke up a few days ago and she originally planned a holiday with him so me and her are going now, I’m going to start going to the gym, I’m applying for new jobs and stuff that I would actually be interested in doing and could help me for my future.

I’m really trying to just focus on myself at the moment and make myself a better person becauseI feel like I was just too happy with following his lead if that makes sense? Like I would of happily did something because he told me to because I valued his opinions so much and I feel like this will give me the opportunity to figure out who I am a bit more than just being ‘his girlfriend’ I was 17 almost 18 when I met him and my life has changed so much from then and I need to figure out who 20 year old Me is.

I feel like I am doing the right things to take a step forward and I know it’s only been a few days but honestly sounds dramatic but if I think about it all it feels like I’m dying 😩

when we broke up he was saying he can’t do the relationship right now and he needs to Focus on himself and I asked him if in a few months when he’s done that if he thinks there’s any chance for us or if this is it because the sooner I know the better I can deal with this and he just kept saying he doesn’t know the future. But he hasn’t deleted any of our pictures on anything, he hasn’t taken our fb relationship off and when I asked him if I could come round and collect my stuff he kind of dismissed it and said he was busy that night and not mentioned about bringing me over my stuff at all. It seems like he doesn’t want me but he doesn’t want to completely let me go because he also says he doesn’t want me to leave the company? I don’t know what to do