Need to vent

(Please be aware this post might be scrambled cuz I’m a little angry/ upset)

So I have my Facebook and Instagram and almost all accounts set as private since I had found out I was pregnant with my daughter back in June 2018 well I had my daughter and really I don’t mind people sharing my photos with family and close friends only of my daughter cuz that’s all I have on my Facebook but when some one decides they are going to steal a college picture of my daughter and put it on the Facebook cover it kinda disturbs me then when I try to report it... i cant get the picture taken down and this person who stole the picture is family but she’s like 12 and has my baby all on her Facebook wear anyone can see her don’t like it what so ever I want to talk to her mom about it but don’t want her to get pissed at me I guess I’m just gonna have to block her off all of my sites cuz it really bothers me at I wrong to be mad?