I’m so over EVERYTHING about TTC

Im so tired of being HERE! In this moment. To me this is the WORST part of ttc!! These days!

My husband and I have been ttc for 14 months now. We just went to the doctor in March, his SA checked out great, I had a pap, 21 day labs and ultrasound and all was normal!! (PRAISE GOD!!) Doctor said he wants me to come in cd 3 if AF shows and do labs again and then we will set up a HSG.

While having my ultrasound (on cd 16) they saw a good follicle and told me i should ovulate soon! I got a positive OPK that night with only a 2 hour pee hold and VERY diluted pee from all the water drinking for the ultra sound!

I just had my cd 21 labs done and now I’m 8dpo and I woke up this morning and I’m having a brown tinted discharge 😔. Its be there all day when I wipe. I always spot like this at the beginning of my period but normally my period always always starts on either 13dpo or 14dpo

I’m not stressed, in fact this month I’ve felt great with having a lot of the tests behind us. Now today like I said cd 25 and 8dpo here I am with my pre period spotting 😭😭😭😭

I want to believe this could be implantation but after over a year trying and my period always starting just like this it’s hard to believe. Any opinions or stories, whether they are good or bad, would be great!

All I want is to see those 2 pink lines, to finally see them!! To set up the little announcement I’ve have planned forever now to tell my husband he was RIGHT all along and to finally be a momma 😭😭😭