Need some woman advice


I’m currently dealing with this guy for almost a year. We met on a online dating site. We use to live in the same state and would hang. He then moved to Dallas, to be near his family. Distance was not on our side. I would def go and do my own things with the idea of I don’t know what he’s doing. Which I’ve been doing throughout the whole time and he knows (well until we had hiatus and mysteriously calls me one day yelling saying I need to stop messing with these fuckboys and be serious with him). He recently invited me to Dallas and I went. We were basically playing house. I came back and now I want to define the relationship, which he has been putting off. We finally talked about it, he said he’s not ready for serious relationship at this point because he’s concentrating on his business (he sells and buys cars) and he wants to get himself together before committing to serious relationship. I want something serious and I’m ready to commit. We both like eachother, he doesn’t want to be in relationship and I do, what do I do? Part of me is saying be patient.