Don’t stress!

Hey ladies, so I just wanted to make a quick post to spill the tea on the most craziest experience I’ve had to date 😌🤷🏾‍♀️

Okay so me & my wonderful boyfriend of almost 2 years (we were friends for 5) just went through quite an almost scare. I say almost because we weren’t trying to panic or stress about the situation.....anything like that.

Long story short, I was about 13 days late for my period 🤦🏾‍♀️ so of course we were thinking I was pregnant. I was supposed to get it on March 23rd. Now, we definitely did not know when that could of happened because even though we use the pull out method we are extremely cautious. (Yes we know that isn’t the most safest or accurate birth control method & I am definitely getting on birth control again soon). So of course we got mentally prepared for what ever the out come may be.

We are both adults but we are definitely not ready for a child at the moment. So we already knew what our decision would be if I was pregnant.

Making ourselves mentally prepared definitely helped us with our possible news & I with my minor anxiety.

So we decided to take a pregnancy test. My amazing boyfriend being as extra as he is ended up buying 2 boxes with 2 tests in them each lol.

I took one test when I was 10 days late. When it came back negative it was a definite sigh of relief! It just isn’t our time yet 🙏🏾

Around the 11th & 12th day of being late I still hadn’t gotten my period. Even tho at this point I started feeling a little something in my stomach (the same feeling you feel when your period is coming) but still I’m thinking to myself ok sometimes you have to take more than one pregnancy test because the first one can always not be accurate. So after bracing myself I go to take the second test. Came back negative again!

So now I’m like ok I’m not pregnant which is just fine but I’m worried because I have no clue why my period is so late. I’ve had late periods before but never this late 😩. I got on my <a href="">Eve</a> app & decided to calculate my cycle myself. I’ve always thought that I had a regular cycle. But turns out I am very irregular. My cycle days every month came up a different number 🙄 so I couldn’t use that to predict when my period would come 🤦🏾‍♀️

So I made up my mind that if it doesn’t come by morning I’ll make myself a doctors appointment to figure this situation out. So the 13th day came, still no period. Being the procrastinator that

I am I didn’t get around to making an appointment. The next morning I woke up April 5th, I got my period! 🙌🏾

So ladies I just want to say if you are stressing because you are in a similar situation as I was please don’t. Stress will only make it later & it just isn’t good for you. Just stay positive & brace yourself for any outcome.

Babies are a blessing & I am definitely going to be an amazing mother one day (we’re planning for 2020) but at the moment there’s to much going on with the both of us & we just wouldn’t want to bring our child into it. We are preparing ourself so our little prince or princess will have everything they need.