My father cheated on my mom but I don’t want her to leave him.

Queen 👸🏽

My father is actually the best and I love him so much, we have always been pals and we have the best time together. He has also been an amazing husband always buying my mom flowers and taking her out, she’s got some serious mental health issues and can be hard to love sometimes but he does it. If two days ago you asked anyone in my family if my father would ever cheat they would laugh and say no chance, same about my parents getting divorced.

It just came out my father has been cheating on my mom for a while now with multiple women, just sex no emotions. When she found out she changed the locks that day and go a lawyer, she didn’t even give him a chance to apologize. I know what he did was so so wrong but is it too much to ask that they give it an attempt to save their 23 year marriage or does cheating discredit everything.