Pregnant or Period??? TMI PIC!!


So yesterday i tested CD25, my cycle is between cd26-28. I got a vvvvfpl on my frer last night, but its not quite dark yet. It’s like the first time i found out I was pregnant back in february and a few days later it turned into a chemical pregnancy. I had sore nipples, and that is what I suspected that I’m pregnant again because I got sore nipples the last time too. This morning, im spotting and im feeling period cramps and I’m having the runs, I usually poop a lot during my period, but my stomach was hurting and cramping like i needed to go #2 and it feels like period cramps. After my chemical pregnancy, i’m so scared this will be the same. The spotting especially is what scares me. What should i do? I just want my first child already & i wanna go on to have a healthy pregnancy... Should I be alarmed? I’m CD26 now and i feel scared cus I dont want to have another chemical.. or loss.