crazy, rude husband?

my husband hates his job and is stressed about it all the time. he has a boss who makes him feel worthless and is very demanding. anyways, hed always come home all annoyed at our kids and i. always sighing and swearing when something he doesnt like goes on. like yesterday he came home from work, i served him his food, he took it to the sofa to eat it. while i was making bottles for our newborn, our 1yr old was rolling his big ball on the couch and my SO didnt like it, because the ball almost rolled over his plate of food. he started calling our 1yr old stupid and demanded me to put the ball somewhere else. then later, our son was dancing around him to his nursery rhymes. he started calling him a fkng shit, fkng stupid bastard, and told me to take him away. when i did, our newborn started crying hysterically. he was so angry, he started yelling at all of us that were so fking annoying and why cant he ever get some peace. he cant believe after dealing w his wrk place, he has to come home and deal w us too. we both always argue when he doesnt work and when he gets off work, he always gets mad at the lil things thats why.