Kali • 👑NovaDeJesus👑 ❤️04.27.2018❤️

Hello mamas!

I’m 37 weeks tomorrow with my first baby!!!

Well, for the last week or so I’ve been having contractions every day that come and go every hour to an hour and half. Normal I know! Doctor said it’s early stages of labor. But today I noticed my discharge when I went to the bathroom was dark! Yellowish brown type of color. I read online it can mean labor in a few days?! But another says it’s infection. But I don’t have any other signs of an infection (no smell, itch etc). Advice from any mamas about what to expect next? And if I should be worried? Doctor said the yellow was my mucus plug that ‘melted’ over the course of the last week but now that it’s getting darker it freaked me out!!!