My birth story finally!

Abby • GFD 💙

On March 14th I was 38+4 week and I had just gotten settled into bed about 12 am. At 12:45 am I was turning over in bed and my water breaks! I immediately got up and made sure I had everything together while I called my boyfriend and got my mom up so we could go to the hospital and it was a good thing we left right away. When I arrived I was checked in and one of the nurses checked to see how dilated I was. I WAS ALREADY AT A 5! They then moved me to a private room about 1:50 am. Hours went by and I hardly felt any contractions so I assumed I wasn’t progressing only major ones every 5-6 minutes it felt like. My dad was watching the contractions monitor pointing out really big ones but I still wasn’t feeling them. Around 6:30ish am, my contractions were 30 seconds apart and I quickly asked for my epidural. Once that was all done my catheter was put in and I was checked again. I was now at an 8! 7:23am rolls around and it was time to start pushing! 15 minutes of pushing was all it took for my little boy to enter the world! Grayson Francis weighed 6 pounds and 2.9 oz 19in 3/4 long! As a first time mom I had an amazing experience and was truly bless to have no complications!

Last bump picture

First day of life! 💙

Now he is almost a month old and I wish he would just stop growing 😭