Just needing to vent

Shelby • Wifey, Mommy 💙 and pregnant 💙

I’m 25 and it’s only my first month TTC with my husband. We have been married about 6 months and I have a 4 yr old son from a previous “relationship.”

That being said, actually TTC is so frustrating and I’m incredibly impatient. My son was a result of a drunken night I hardly remember with a guy I had no business being with. My son is my biggest blessing and who knows what awful life I would be leading if he had never come. I now have a wonderful man who not only loves me with everything in his being but has stepped up into the role of father that was so heavily missing in my sons life. If you believe in fairy tales he is my knight in shining armour. So when everything is as it should be, why now is it not so easy to conceive? We both want another child so badly. I want to share the intimacy and love with my husband that comes with having a child with someone. How do you ladies TTC for so many months/ years? I shouldn’t be discouraged so soon but I can’t shake the feeling with these negative tests.