Is this normal?

Kendra • "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." ~Eleanor Roosevelt

So I'm 7 weeks 1 day I guess I'll be 7 weeks 2 days in an hour lol. Anyways so today I'm laying on the bed trying to get all sexy for my husband before he gets home as I've been ragingly horny the last couple days even though I like masturbate multiple times a day (tmi i know). Anyways, my boobs (especially my right one which is also substantially larger and veinier) were really hurting, like I main to the point where my shirt can't even touch them or the sides of them. My nipples had been really painful and itchy all day today (my boobs used to ache but weren't painful and all of a sudden at exactly 7 weeks they exploded in pain in the middle of the night). I put on my lingerie and lay down then I feel what kind of felt like my nipple popping open (kind of like when you pop a really satisfying pimple) it wasn't like painful but it was uncomfortable and surprising. I then feel wetness form on my right boob cup of my lingerie. I'm like wtf? So I whip my giant ass Bob out and there's like this clear liquidy stuff all over my breast from where my nipple leaked. I just thought that they had started bleeding but it was clear. After a minute it stopped and I couldn't squeeze anymore out but it was really surprising. It only happened on my right nipple and now my right breast is absolutely killing me and my right nipple feels like someone is like scraping their sharp fingernail against it enough to be very uncomfortable. My left boob is still achy but nothing like my right. Is this normal for you guys? Is it okay? Is this what yours felt like when it started leaking or should I be worried? I didnt even know that they could leak this early! If any of you could share what it was like for you please do! I'm kind of confused and freaking out!

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