Induced at 39weeks3days due to gestational hypertension


On Monday night I started having contractions, they were bearable at first so

I wanted to wait it out to see if they'd stop, I started timing them and they were 2 minutes apart. After about an hour and a half I couldn't deal with the pain so I went to the hospital. Got to the hospital and my blood pressure was high! My previous doc appt my mid wife said next time I come get checked and my blood pressure high they're taking her, so that night I got induced. I was 0cm dilated so They started with the pill, the midwife inserted the pill and almost instantly I felt all the contractions come, not too long afterwards I requested for pain meds, started off simple and then about 2am ended up getting my epidural, inserting epidural was very easy and it went so smooth, after it kicked in i felt AMAZING!!!! Didn't feel a thing. The next morning came and about 9am I was 4cm dilated. Around noon the doc came and checked and I was at a 4 still , about 4:30 the doctor decided to do the balloon to help the process, the balloon was inserted. About 7pm the doc came and checked and I was only at 6cm, the doctor ten started me on pitocin. As soon as I got started on pitocin I ran out of epidural🤦🏽‍♀️😩 all the contractions started to hit me out of nowhere!! I was in so much pain, I couldn't wait for the Anesthesiologist to come with the refill, they finally arrived and refilled it and it took about 30-40min to kick back in. Once it kicked in I took a nap, I was waken up about 9pm in a lot of pain. I felt indescribable pressure I didn't know what was going on, my baby heart rate started to drop so the nurse came in and said maybe it's cause of my position, so every 3 minutes she has me turn over. The pain and pressure only got worse so I repeatedly told the nurse something was wrong, she kept insisting I press my epidural button. I informed I've been pressing it for about an hour now, she called the anesthesiologist and he found my epidural in the bed with me, it had fallen out. My baby heart rate continue to drop as she's in the birth canal so I was rushed to do an emergency c section, at 11:25 pm on February 6th I was blessed with my baby girl. 6lbs5oz 20inches long. She was so tiny.