I promise not to test or obsess!

Mary • Wife 5.22.09 💘 & Mommy 👧👼👼 👦 Breastfeeding🐮 PCOS Fighter💪

I am currently 10-11 dpo. I got a vvvfl yesterday morning but tonight got a pretty much negative. I know I'm testing early but i just feel like I am this month.

I've started obsessing over every little tinge, wave of nausea, and other possible symptom. "Do i look bloated?" "Do my nipples look darker?" "Does my pelvis feel hard?" He finally told me to chill!! He is excited about us possibably being pregnant he knows i tend to go overboard lol (and live on glow, pintrest, and google).

So I promise to not test again until Friday (13dpo). I promise my last test will be used for when my period is late. I promise to chill and hope for the best. Good luck. Share your tww testing results.