Sex after baby

Finally, the long 6 week wait was up and my SO and I were given the green light to partake in love making. After reading all the stories from other ladies, i was terrified out of my mind. I was more scared to have something go in than having my baby come out! Not to mention, I was that idiot that decided to “check it out” down there around 2 weeks PP because it hurt for me to pee and OH MY SWEET BABY JESUS, it was like looking at Cyclopes who had a bad night at a bar. Then my dumb ass goes on and looks again 3 weeks later to find that vj opening ain’t the same cute dot it use to be, yet everything else is back to normal.

The night of the deed, SO gets Costco size of water based fancy ass lube and some fancy ass condoms that don’t smell like rubber. ( can’t wait for this mini pill to kick in) We get romantic and it was finally the time for grand entrance.....

Oh boy.

At first i felt flight pain, more like stinging which went away quick and I began to question why this doesn’t hurt like everyone told me it would. I felt as tight as before (or even more tight, DO THOSE KEGELS LADIES IT WORKS) but something felt different. Oh my. I think I finally found my G spot. I was like a jack rabbit on my poor husband who probably through I was having a seizure. So the next night we get into it again. It was so good that my SO hurt his back and can’t bent over today.

Anyways. I would have never thought having a baby would make my sex life so much better. (With some injuring to the participating party)

The miracle of birth.