Paranormal activity that happened to me


this might be pretty long so bare w/ me lol. so many paranormal shit has happened w me before but this one tops it all off. So last year going to college, I had a 7am class so I would wake up at 5am to go to school. I’d leave my house at 5:30am as the rest of y family sleeps still. One day as usually I left the house at 5:30am, before I left I saw my brother sleeping on the couch peacefully. Later that day I get home & my mom was just at home on her bed & she tells me all angrily, “Sam you over slept & didn’t go to your first class huh?” & I was confused. I told her “no I didn’t I went to all my classes.” and then she hits me with the “I saw you sleeping in your bed Sam don’t lie to me”. When she told me this, I froze & got the chills. My mom wakes up at 7am to take my brother to school. She told me “your brother & I saw you in your bed sleeping. Carlos had passed by your room & asked if you weren’t gonna go to school. So I looked at you & told your brother that we’re gonna let you sleep”. And that when my mom left to take my brother to school & came back, “I” wasn’t in my bed anymore. So she figured I woke up & went to school for my 2nd class.

You guys I was at school the whole time since 5:30am. My mom & brother swear they saw “me”, my body sleeping in my bed. I told my mom I was at school the whole time & can prove to her because I texted my friend at 5:30am if she was ready.

I started to cry when she told me this because idk what this means or how this could possibly have happened. If anyone has any advice or idk, let me know.

No, no one has been killed in my home before lol