Can’t move while baby is sleeping


Our baby is the lightest sleeper in the world probably and we live in a one bedroom. Baby sleeps in her crib in living area ( open kitchen) and naps in our bed during the day. It is impossible to do anything while she is sleeping even though we have loud white noise going on during all naps and entire night (8pm-7am) She woke up couple times because of the joint crack sounds that we made while walking. We both wear socks to isolate our walking noise, but no solution for knees yet😂. We know where hardwood floor is more squeaky on the floor so we walk around. Sometimes we even hold ourselves to not to go bathroom during the day when she is napping and we try to finish our business at kitchen/bathroom before she goes the bed at night... There are washcloths or papers laid on almost all hard surfaces at home in case we need to put something on while she is sleeping. We can only move around, eat or use bathroom when she is up so let’s say we were out until 7:30 pm and rushed home to put her to sleep, we can’t have dinner. Or I can only eat when she is not napping or trying to nap during the day. Part of our night routine is making sure that we have water, laptop, chargers, snacks, earphones, pump machine in our bedroom.

We both say we didn’t notice how noisy we were before baby, we are like ninjas now, don’t know how to make use of this new “skill” though😂

I am glad that she is sleeping much better compared to her first 4 months but I also miss to watch tv at nights without stupid headphones on or sleep in a quiet place without that running water (white noise) sound... Every morning when we turn that stupid thing off we both sigh😂