Help i need some advice pls!


So theres this guy hes on the rugby team and im totes interested in him but we dont really have mutal friends that could introduce us and we dont have classes together. So in the end i decided to request him on instagram and he deleted it 😭 i guess it was coz he doesnt know me but then ever since the other day i was walking past him and some of his friends and all the guys were staring (i was sure coz i was walking past and i saw their heads turn) and he was staring and then today i was with a guy in my group for class and i was walking behind the guy and he showed up and did the boys handshake thing with the guy in my group and then did the eyebrow thing at me (lifted his eyebrows) eventho we didnt know each other so now i feel hopeful again. And after school i was with a friend filming them for a project and i felt like maybe he was staring at us a lot and when we filmed him he flexed his arm. I wasnt sure if hes interested or what and i kind of want to try and go for it but then i dont know what to do or what to say 😫