Prays for Declan


Hi guys, this technically isn’t a birth story yet, I’m gonna need all your thoughts, prayers, and well wishes!

I turned 30 weeks yesterday, had my doctors appointment. All was well. 30 minutes later at lunch I felt pelvic pressure and thought he was sitting weird. Then that feeling turned into back pain. At first I didn’t even consider this could be contractions, I had assumed contractions felt like period cramps and these were a bit different. They continued to get worse throughout the day so I gave in and called the doctor who told me to come into labor and delivery just in case. At this point they were so bad it was hard to sit down or do anything other than bend over in pain.

They put me on monitors and couldn’t pick up contractions at all. I had been there about 45 minutes and they had told me I just had an irritable uterus. They just wanted to do a speculum exam first.l before sending me home.

She puts it in, without doing anything else she takes it out and tells me she can see that I’m 3.5 cm dilated. Suddenly everything’s going full speed, I’m being admitted, they’re running all these meds to stop labor and warning me that it may not work, babies come in their own time, but they’ll try everything they can.

At around 1am I feel a gush and it turns out not to be my water but a tear in the water bag. Then at 2am I feel a bigger gush and I think it must be my water but it turned out to be a ton of blood. It turns out not only do I have a tear in my water bag but also my placenta is ruptured. Baby is still healthy, active, and has a strong heartbeat, but we’re expecting him any hour now, 10 weeks premature. As a first time mom this is not how I expected this to go. I need all the prayers you got! Babies are fighters that’s for sure, I want a strong healthy boh when he comes.