Ugh. Those pre- period cramps

Renèe💍married💛ttc #1 • 39, married, TTC #1, T1 diabetic

Af is due tomorrow or Friday (of course I'm praying she doesn't show) but I'm getting those dreaded pre- af like cramps this morning so I know it's coming. I'm not testing. I haven't tested this whole cycle. I'm doing so good at waiting this time so I will continue to do so until af comes or doesn't. Again, so excited and positive in the beginning of cycle, then it just turns to sadness with 1 cramp. Ugh. I try to stay positive just knowing if af comes, I get another chance to try soon. Going on 9 months now. I'm so ready, but I will wait for God to know when the time is right. Bless you all who are in your tww right now, I hope you get your bfp, if not now, hopefully soon. ❤