15days late

has anyone been this late and actually recieve a answer on the test i want to test but dont want to see that bfn just wondering if 15days is too early for the test to detect anything or not, its a little unusual for me to be this late but then again this happened to me back in january and i wasnt sooo.... blahhhh ttc is so much funnnn right?;P any feedback would be very helpful as far as symptoms ive been having a hard to the touch stomach, started feeling super nauseous yesterday and still feeling it today, nipples are super sensitive ive had to switch to cotton bras only because lace is like killer to them:( and super raised body temp im known for my always ice cold hands and toes, but lately both hands and feet are super hot and clammy have my fingers and toes crossed here and of course heres more baby dust to you all😙