11 DPO Question

I’m 11 DPO and have been having a lot of pregnancy symptoms (I know a lot could be PMS) but some don’t feel like that and are different than I’m used to (shooting boob pain, pulling uterus, heartburn).

I woke up this morning and my temperature dropped .5 degrees but is still about the cover line I believe (temp chart attached)... I also tested and got a negative this morning. My period is due tomorrow or the next day cervix is still high and softish...I’m noticing some discharge creamy/clear today. Is there still a change I am pregnant?

I posted my bbt because I am a little confused on when I ovulated. The temperatures before ovulation are a bit out of wack (I am assuming because my mom was in the hospital that week and I was really stressed) but they are normally in the low-mid 97 degrees before ovulation. Any insight would be helpful thank you!