The dog ghost.


My grandparents house is haunted, it’s more than 200 years old. In New England. I was always seeing strange things in the shadows and on the surrounding land. Nothing threatening, more sad and unsettling. They have a few ponds out in back of their house, concealed by trees and an old barn. When I was little and would play there, I can remember seeing this dog out of the corner of my eye, just kind of watching over me. I haven’t seen it in years. I never told anybody and mostly forgot all about it. Last night though, I was eating dinner with my family and my mom started talking about the ponds. Here’s how the conversation went

Mom (to dad) “there’s the two ponds, the big one and the little one”

Dad(to mom) “two? Where’s the little one?”

My mom explained where it was and said

“That’s where we lost our dog”

Dad “it drowned?”

Mom “yeah. Her name was bassie”

And it all came back to me and I went cold. Even before I knew any dog had died there, I saw one wandering around near the little pond. Where it apparently drowned. (This is a true story)