Early signs....


Hi! This is my first post but I’m so anxious/excited and needed someone to throw this at!

We’ve been TTC for 8 months now. I’m 14 DPO and I am feeling all sorts of EARLY pregnancy symptoms... (as google tells me).

I’ve experienced some faint cramping about 10 DPO and my breasts are super tender going into this week. I am “scheduled” to get my period tomorrow, but it has been slightly irregular for 8 months so I’m unsure.

My nipples feel super tender and sore and much larger (not the areola, the actual nipple) - and maybe TMI but my lady parts (c word) also feel slightly sore/uncomfortable.

I’m so scared to take a test - knowing that this all could be made up in my head and reaching for these symptoms.

Here’s the kicker - I accepted a new job last week and i start Thursday... now I know this happens everyday, but I’m so scared that now I’m going to have to tell them about my pregnancy down the road....

I am ALL over the place and thank you for listening! The nipples are what’s really making me think this could be true... which I’m thrilled if it is... oh the heart string tug this journey has been.

Any thoughts or advice? I’m thinking i May take a rest in the morning without missing my period yet.... idk what to do.