General anesthesia

Has anyone else had a C section with general anesthesia? When I went in to get induced with my son I had no idea what to expect. I developed hypersensitivity though after my body went into shock from being induced and no pain medication was working. I wasn’t allowed to get an epidural due to having a heart condition because the anesthesiologist didn’t feel comfortable giving me one even though I was cleared by my cardiologist. This was the most frustrating part because the entire time I was in labor my midwife said I could get one once the pain became unbearable. I got to 5 cm and that’s when I was told no. They were going to make me deliver natural but with the hypersensitivity and how long my labor was I would have been too tired to push. I begged for a C section and finally they agreed it was the best option. Since I couldn’t have the epidural they tried a spinal which didn’t work I actually felt the procedure it felt like my stomach was on fire. This is when they decided to put me under. I was scared they kicked my S/O out of the room I made my nurse stay with me. I’m young and very grateful to have had such a good nurse she even stayed after her shift to make sure I got to my room all right. When I woke up though I was in pain. It was awful. I couldn’t even comprehend that I had given birth and that he was my baby. It bothers me to this day that no one was there for his birth and that I wasn’t there for him right away. Nothing was what I had expected and it’s hard for me to cope with these feelings. Is this normal? Has anyone else experienced something like this?