In Laws

So my in laws live in WI my husband two kids and I live in Ohio when they come visit they stay with us. We have a 3 bedroom apartment 1300 sq ft well we will be having a baby this fall and they plan on coming down after baby I really want them to get a hotel room for their stay. Having a newborn in the house along with two extra guests doesn’t sound fun to me. I will be trying to figure out how to be a mom of 3. They don’t help a whole lot and take over my living room. I don’t want to be covering up to nurse while they’re here. I can only take my FIL in small doses because the comments he makes about our decisions are annoying. They’ve been here a week and I’m ready for them to go home. I know it’s harsh to say but I want my house back. Anyways would it be rude to see if they’d get a hotel when baby comes?