Need everyone’s help please and thank you !

So, it’s with a sad sad heart to say our babies heart stopped beating. It’s been such a rough month. I wont into the details but we tried THREE times to get everything out finally the last/ third is hopefully the last (post op is in a week)

I lost my job due to having to miss so much and I’m focusing on my Etsy business hoping it takes off/ keeps me busy.

In hopes of trying to lift our spirits I’d love to make my husbands day and do something sweet for him as he’s been so good to me this past month and patient (and money wise can’t really spend much)

I’d love to get photos of everywhere in the world with preferably hand written notes saying “Chris, Jessica’s love for you is so big, it reached ____________ (enter your location)”

I’ve seen this before, not sure how common it is (if it is, sorry - not trying to be annoying) but i thought it was such a beautiful simple gesture and would be perfect for him & have meaning as this lwas supposed to be our “traveling” year but has been full of rough bumps.

Thank you so so much in advance and even if you don’t participate please upvote !