Am I being selfish??


My daughter is 6 weeks old. I’m Breastfeeding, with a few pumped bottles here and there, and she was having a lot of trouble with gas and fussiness. Dr told me to cut dairy and caffeine out of my diet. I will say that it has only been a week and I have seen a huge change in her. She no longer has a witching hour (crying from 7-11pm) and is sleeping much better. I asked dr if I ever had to give her formula which type to use because of her milk sensitivity, she recommended enfamil gentlease. I’m thinking about switching totally to formula because I really want to start eating what I want again. I’m stressing out about reading labels, having to make separate dinner for myself, and depriving myself of foods I really want at parties or restaurants. I’m I being horribly selfish?? Every day I say I’m going to switch but something is holding me back. I’m scared I’ll cheat and have a little bit of dairy and cause her pain. I’m so torn!! (Pic of her smiling at her grandma- for attention)