Am I wrong for feeling this way?


So I'm currently visiting my bfs family and we've been them visiting for about a month or so now. We're staying in a two bedroom house that has 7 kids and then his cousin and her husband (4 kids are theirs) and his aunt and his other cousin live in the other bedroom (other 2 is his aunts and 1 is the cousins). Well first let me tell ya'll that it gets super hot and humid in this house.. there's a baby almost 5 months upstairs so they don't allow us to turn on the air conditioning so we've been using a fan from the very beginning.. well his cousin and her husband took the fan upstairs so we've been burning up all night. They live in gated apartments and so we've been opening the door a little btw were all the way downstairs for maybe about an hour or two at a time.. and his aunt walked down and got mad at us for having it open so we turned on the air for maybe 10 min (THATS HOW HOT IT WAS.. WE WERE SWEATING) if even that and they got mad at us again and then the next day the baby was sneezing so they blamed us for the air on (we didn't know at the time they didn't want it on) but the only thing i can think of is the fan they use because it has loads of dust built up in it.

So another incident we had.. we bought our own food and a shitload of it (they don't share theirs) which i have no problem doing.. I got it Saturday and by Monday majority of it was gone because they just let their kids eat it after we made it clear it was ours so that was kind of annoying too.

Then we ran out of food and we were ordering a pizza. We even waited until the kids were at practice and got it but my bf's cousins husband came home. Later that night my bf's cousin (the wife) calls him upstairs and asked him why we didn't buy 3 or 4 pizzas for everyone? Basically making a huge deal that we didn't offer any and that we should have bought everyone some which is bullshit because we specifically waited until all the kids were gone.

NOT TO MENTION WE CAME HERE NOT AWARE THAT THERE IS COCK ROACHES. Nobody even told us. There are seriously loads of them and they have to sleep with the lights on. I'm not trying to be ungrateful or anything but how they've been setting rules on us is really irritating. Their kids are little monsters and are so disrespectful. I'm going crazy. We only have 2 days left THANK GOD.

UPDATE: Um all of you are saying "why are you visiting so long" "there annoyed" but first off they asked us to come stay with them so we don't waste a lot of money and it's a long ways from home and they wanted us to stay this long. We've been planning to come for the longest time now. Also one of my bf's grandpa has cancer and that's why we planned on coming and staying because he's on his death bed.