I’ve been TTC for almost a year now to now avail. I know PCOS is a potential reason for trouble conceiving. Except I’m not 100% certain if I have it.

I did gain some weight recently but it could be from lifestyle change and stress.

When it says excess hair growth what does that entail exactly? Where are some odd places that hair might grow with PCOS? I’ve always had thick dark hair like underarms and legs, not sure if that’s just cuz I’m rly white or if that’s a symptom.

I have relatively regular but kinda long cycles (~32 days)

Is PCOS something One is born with or can develop later on? I was on birth control recently and had an obgyn appt with ultrasound and transvaginal ultrasound, all normal and no cysts. Can birth control hide it? Or would it have been visible on the US?

Anyone with PCOS or experience with it plz let me know what you think. Much appreciated