Any mommies with Pierre Robin and Bilateral Cleft Pallet babies? **UPDATE**

Caitlyn • 👼👼👧👰🤰

Is there any mommies that can give me advice? My daughter was born at 36 weeks and 2 days and was taken down to Children's the day I delivered. I've been pumping and been having a good supply but is there more I can do or expect? It's day 21 for us and we wish it was the day we can go home but sadly we don't know when that will be.


We've been doing so much better since we've been home (July 10th was when we finally did 😆🙏)

I will say, I HATED the NICU experience on more levels than people would think I'm gonna say.

1st off, the hospital tried force feeding my baby after corrective surgery! Then 2nd, they treated my fiance and I like we were practically 10!! I never felt so degraded! I felt like majority of my rights as a mother were stripped and thrown in my face when they expected more! It was the WORST! My baby needed treatment, but not like this! Yes, I'm a new mom at 19! But feeling like my opinion and what I know of my baby isn't validated, that hurts deeply and burns a rage I've never felt! I'm definitely tired of UPMC CHP! I wanna go elsewhere and that's what I'm gonna do!