Peeved and Sad

So usually my dude calls me everyday after work and it made me feel good that he would tell me everything about his day willingly. But recently its been less and less. Today he called me but i was catching up in a show with my mom and told his call me back in 10. So anyways I called him back and he rarely answers cause his phone is always on silent so then we were texting back and forth on like 3 different platforms cause that's just what we do and i kept telling him call me back and nothing nothing nothing. It got to the point where I just got mad, deleted our messages and ignored him. i didn't even want him to THEN he decides to call me 🙄 and then its quiet on the phone because im mad and so he says "sooo we're not talking can i hang up now cause my battery's draining" blah blah blah anyways i hung up on him and he sent me a kiss emohi about an hour ago and i haven't replied because I'm he said he had no intentions of calling me back I'm like why not just fucking say that and why is it like pulling teeth for you to talk to me??? Like yeah I'm PMSing but this shit is fucking stupid. I don't ask this man for anything but communication and time and honesty. I probably left something out but idc im just really mad. Like I only talked to him on the phone i think once this week and i just wanna hear his voice or whatever and it seems like im asking for a million dollars and a yacht

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