seeking advice for younger sister

so quick back story.. I'm happily now married and ttc... my baby sister who is about to be 16 in a week started having sex at 13ish. I being the bigger sister tried talking to her about sex and condoms and BC etc. I've called planned parenthood to help her get an idea on prices and methods of BC and abortion and stds etc as well. she is on BC, states that she is using condoms, when we ask her if she's going to have sex what does she have to do ("every single teeny tiny time") (use a condom) I've shown her pictures on stds and she knows someone in our family that has one and they tell her it sucks and they have to take daily medication to prevent outbreaks... she has seen me go through an abortion (touchy subject) but she saw the pain I was in... I've tried the nice big sister way of talking and so have our parents and I've tried the scaring her way.... I honestly just want her to slow the hell down and or stop and wait till she's older.... how can I help her or get that all through to her?